Ode to Peace

There are things that are fun and there are things that are not.
There are things that make you cry, maybe even on the spot.
It may come from money, bad luck, or abstract thought,
Or it simply may just be a small part of your plot.

What I do know is very simple, it is, it is.
Your life, it is fun, now time for the quiz.

What would you do with 500 seconds right now?
Would you carry it out with an awful right scowl?
Or would you treat it like magic and give it a treat?
A treat that you give, give to everyone you meet?

Would you march in the street with a bat in your hand?
No, no, you would not, that doesn’t go as planned.
Would you demean yourself so low because you can’t stand?
No, no, you would not, that is not the command.

Then why, oh why, do we act in this way?
Acting as if each equal, each equal is prey?
Prey, oh you say, oh how could this be?
Oh, just because, it is what I see on TV.

TV, TV, now how is this real?
Hmm.. I promise, I’ll make you a deal.
The deal is this: it’s simple, genteel.
You be happy, you smile, you’ll spin round like a wheel.

Why? Because, we need you today.
We need you to smile and shine a big ray.
The sun needs some help, it cannot do it all.
And you, you will receive the best curtain call.

A curtain made of silk.
The best of its kind.
Because you know what you did?
You helped the world that is blind.
You helped them see the light in their day.
You helped them realize that pain goes away.

WHY, you might say, why do I care?
Why would I offer all of my share?
Why should I help, what’s in it for me?
What would it change, how would it be?

It would change because one turns to two.
Two turns to four.
Four turns to 16.
Sixteen turns to 256.

Before you know it we are in the millions, the billions.

Just because of one single you.
A you that is the truest of true.

We cannot do it alone,
but what we must do is shown.
Leave your house today with a smile
and always remember that it is worthwhile.


One smile into two smiles.
Two smiles into four smiles.
Four smiles into sixteen smiles.
One smile into billions of smiles.

-Happiness in Handfulls

(c) 2015


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